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I feel like this line of the song is extremely underrated. 

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Many graduate students (and even mental health professionals) only learn about suicide after they have lost a client, colleague, family member, or friend to suicide. This article sheds some light on the reality of suicide and the importance of and understanding of suicide in social work practice. Check it out and make sure that you are educated! 

Side note: The article uses the phrase “committed suicide,” and this is not proper language to use when discussing suicide. Be sure that when you discuss suicide, you use language such as “died by suicide” or “completed suicide” so as not to perpetuate the already-prevalent stigma around this topic.


Click here for a free ebook featuring a compilation by Liana Lowenstein of engaging activities for children and adolescents.

Trigger Warning: This video contains discussions of suicide and severe mental illness, which may be triggering topics for some individuals.

If you have the time, this documentary is definitely worth the watch. 

Finding MikeOn 14 January 2008 Jonny Benjamin went to Waterloo Bridge to take his own life. A stranger, ‘Mike’, stopped him that day and changed his life forever. Six years later this is the documentary about his search to find the man that saved him.



It’s okay to admit you’re not okay.

If you’re not doing okay, reach out for help. If you’re 13-24, check out our social networking site where you can connect with over 90,000 peers from around the world. You are never alone.

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A triumph is that you woke up this morning and decided to live. That’s a triumph. That’s what you did today.
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We believe in you.


Keep Going. 
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Keep Going. 

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